Digital transformation keeps politics and society occupied. Innovative solutions help us to deal with future challenges. On this platform, we provide the results of publicly funded research and technological development, creating a basis to share knowledge, enable co-creation and fill open innovation with life for companies, researchers and citizens.


Our motivation is to continuously provide access to funded projects in a central and cross-thematic manner. We therefore provide an impetus for resolving the major challenges of our society. The objective of the Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) is to use the "open4innovation" platform for creating the basis for networking and for to design something new. It is therefore an important element for implementing the "Open Innovation Strategy for Austria".


Shaping innovation together!

"Which research projects were supported with public funds, what success stories were the result? What can be developed on this basis?"

You find answers on our pen4innovation platform: Results of funded projects are continuously made available in cooperation with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

With this active information policy, the BMK also supports European and international developments in the field of open innovation and open data. Following the motto "as open as possible, as closed as needed", we develop strategies together with stakeholders of the innovations community for protecting but also for reasonably opening data for our society. The objective is to inspire innovations and initiate national and international cooperation.

The open4innovation platform - a learning tool

This platform is a learning innovation tool of the BMK, which is continuously improved and further developed. The targeted provision of research results from publicly funded FTI projects forms the basis of this innovation tool. This makes it possible to facilitate new research, gain fascinating insights and draw conclusions for innovation, as well as to create new cooperations.

A central element of the innovation tool is the cross-thematic search function, which will improve with the growth of the database. As a consequence, research results can be found even more rapidly, and new networks can grow.